Saturday, 4 August 2012

Condolence Book

The main task today was to be at The Salvation Army Hall between 1-4pm for anyone who wished to pop in and sign the Condolence Book in memory of Joyce Watkinson. The book will be presented to Joyce's family during the funeral service on the 15th August.

About fourteen people signed the book during that period- many of them youngsters like the two in photograph.

I was quite in awe of them and touched by the messages they had penned for the family to read.  In awe! because, even now, if a card of any description is thrust in front of me and I am asked to write a few words - then it is literally a 'few words' as my mind goes completely blank and I cannot think of anything to write - so, yes, I was in awe as they penned their heartfelt messages with apparent ease.

The Condolence Book will be in the Church tomorrow for the congregation to sign and will be also be available at The Friendship Club on Wednesday for Club members to add their contributions.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1st August

Oh my where has the year gone?  I seem to recall saying the same thing about 2011, 2010, 2009!!!

So today is today is the 1st August :)

Karl is off to the Edinburgh Fringe for the month - he has a venue to himself this year. I took this photo yesterday evening as he was just popping into London to see the final draft for his flyers, which he will be getting printed in Edinburgh.  Poor fella is rather tired already - he is just back from a weekend gig then up until all hours of this morning packing his suitcase and rucksac but he has youth + energy on his side..

I shall miss him but the upside is that the house will be tidy for a month!!   Have a great time Karl :))

Just dropped Karl off at Barking Station - Edinburgh look out here he comes!!

Monday, 30 July 2012

new camera - double click to enlarge photos

Photos taken with my new camera - Green Fingers Gardening Club this evening - Guest Speaker: Geoff Hodge

Richard showing Andrew his holiday photos before club began :)

Trying out the zoom features on Karmen!!  who looked up at me in bewilderment as I hung out of the lounge window (middle floor).

Then to try some close up work - a pansy in the garden.

I do like to remind Nigel, most days, how little I cost him - I don't do clothes shopping, make-up or jewellery BUT I am partial to mobile phones and cameras :))  My new camera cost £109 and is a Samsung WB750 and, most importantly, is handbag size..

Monday, 23 July 2012

Scout Hut

This morning's Creekmouth Preservation Society's meeting was held in the 1st Barking & Dagenham Scout hut - just look at that blue sky!!!

The purpose of this morning's meeting was to help Amy, Catherine and Tom (Make:Good) to collect stories about Creekmouth Village and to help identify landmarks on the map.  Make:Good have made a large map of Thames Ward and are now collecting stories and memories from various groups/societies and residents of the Ward.  In this picture - Mike, Avril and Maria are helping Amy with the location of the village and some of the landmarks around it..

Amy brought with her an old Adana Printing Press and some of the members of the Creekmouth Preservation Society had fun in printing up stencils for the Thames Ward map.  This is Joyce having a go :))

For me, though, the highlight was to wander around the grounds - look at these beautiful lilies in the pond.

and these delightful tyres, which are going to be used to grow vegetables in :))

I just so love these Everlasting Pea which grows wild everywhere.

I have spent the evening, in between writing application proposal for funding etc, swatting mosquitoes and I am now very tired - so time for a final cuppa and then bed ..zzzzzzz

Sunday, 22 July 2012

St. Cedd's and the Olympic Torch

A lot of things have happened since my last entry (Wednesday) some of the main events have been :-

Knit and Knatter - here is Catherine and Bowa busy knitting away.. there were 14 ladies who attended and their children!!!

Janine and Holey Moley read the children a story - after the first book there was soon quite a crowd of children engrossed in listening to Holey Moley reading to them..

Friday was also the last day of term and the Year 6 Leavers Assembly was held in the Church - it was so good to see so many parents in attendance and quite an emotional event too as this was the last day of the 1st year of the George Carey Church of England Primary School and also our 1st year 6 pupils to leave :))

But back to today - I strolled along to St. Cedd's church on Lodge Avenue (road next to me) to join in their activities and watch the Olympic Torch go by..

My word what a fabulous morning of entertainment, refreshments and ministry that Ruth and her team put together.  I took this photo of Ruth with the new Vicar for St. Cedd's - Rev. Tony. There was a brass band, dancers, Molly Rainford (semi-finalist from BGT) tea, coffee and The Gideons were presenting everyone with a Bible.  Absolutely fabulous - WELL DONE ST. CEDD's

And, at last, here she is - I must apologize because I do not know who she is!!!  I've tried googling but it just mentions the famous people who will be running with the torch.. but whoever she I am sure she is worthy of carrying the Torch for us down Lodge avenue... Well Done Love :))

There is always time for a cuppa :))

One of the guest performers - Molly Rainford - who was a semi-finalist on BGT

Now I am patiently waiting for Nigel and then we are off to The Town Show in Dagenham where some youngsters from The Salvation Army are performing..

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Evening stroll

When we were first married (31 years ago) and lived in Leytonstone/Wanstead - Nigel and I would quite often, late in the evening, go for a drive and then walk around different parts of London.  We even drove to Heathrow airport at 2am had a drink of orange juice and then came home again!! in the days, I might add, when it was quite easy to get to Heathrow and park..

Well, late Tuesday evening when Nigel arrived home - he suggested that we went out for a drive and for walk, as we used too :)) so we did.  We ended up at Waterside Gardens, which over looks the Thames and we went for a walk around the surrounding streets then a bit further down the road to near Tower Bridge..

This is the memorial gardens for the Civilians who died during WW2 and from the gardens you can see Tower Bridge and The Shard.  The memorial, I am pleased to see, is now fenced off and has also been refurbished - the last time Nigel and I were here - the memorial had grafitti all over it..

It was a lovely evening, even though it was drizzling, and it was good to 'get out' and wander around London; however, we were exhausted when we arrived home at about 11.30pm - sometimes we forget that we are not as young as we once were!!!!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

lunch time visit

Oh what a difference a day makes - after a four injections yesterday at the dentist whilst having fillings replaced and unable to smile without frightening everyone!!! today I feel great -no pain or discomfort, which was a great relief as I was able to chat and drink tea/coffee with everyone this morning at Coffee and Chat.

The highlight for me today was meeting Olive, Gladys, Harriot, Kate,Ginger and I can't remember what number six was called!! but here I am with Harriot.   Tracy, who is the receptionist for The Rivergate Centre, invited me back to her home for lunch so that I could meet her five week old chickens - I was delighted to accept the offer and had a wonderful half hour in their company..

Tracy and her partner, Darren, have created a wonderful living space and run for them and when I arrived at Tracy's home - her nephew, Craig, was busy cleaning them out :)) how exciting

Well done Tracy, Darren and Craig..