Saturday, 4 August 2012

Condolence Book

The main task today was to be at The Salvation Army Hall between 1-4pm for anyone who wished to pop in and sign the Condolence Book in memory of Joyce Watkinson. The book will be presented to Joyce's family during the funeral service on the 15th August.

About fourteen people signed the book during that period- many of them youngsters like the two in photograph.

I was quite in awe of them and touched by the messages they had penned for the family to read.  In awe! because, even now, if a card of any description is thrust in front of me and I am asked to write a few words - then it is literally a 'few words' as my mind goes completely blank and I cannot think of anything to write - so, yes, I was in awe as they penned their heartfelt messages with apparent ease.

The Condolence Book will be in the Church tomorrow for the congregation to sign and will be also be available at The Friendship Club on Wednesday for Club members to add their contributions.

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