Monday, 16 July 2012

The Dentist

But first let me go back to 11pm last evening.  I was leaning out of my lounge window, which is on the middle floor of a town house, calling 'Karmen, Karmen' and then realized that my next door neighbour was out in her garden.  I apologized to her if I was making too much noise and she laughed and said 'I have never known anyone like you who calls their cat every evening and the cat responds' and just at that moment Karmen jumped up on to the fence and then scrambled down our side and made her way through the open patio doors.  Margaret continued to laugh and carried on saying 'I have spent the last four hours trying to get my lot to go to bed and your cat just does as she is told'....

Nigel says I've gone from being the Mad cat woman of Barking (where we lived before) to the Mad cat woman of Dagenham!!!

Now back to the Dentist...

Returned to the Dentist to have two fillings replaced - the top one was no problem just needed one injection to numb the area; however, the lower tooth filling was quite extensive and it was touch and go whether a filling would be adequate or it would need to come out.  For this filling I required three injections before my mouth was numb enough to proceed with all the drilling!!  I do so wish they would invent silent drills!!!  job done, tooth saved (for the time being) one side of face completely numb (is this what botox feels like?) Then came the instructions - only soft food, nothing cold, buy a soft toothbrush and sensodyne toothpaste and be careful when brushing the area, will be in pain/discomfort maybe for a week...

And on that happy note (after paying for this privilege) went to Asda in Barking to do some shopping conscious that half my face had a life of it's own!! and desperately hoping that no-one stopped me for a conversation.  Arrived home, took above photo didn't even attempt to smile,  two paracetamols and slept for two hours.  It is now 7.30pm and I am home alone - Karl has gone to London to perform a gig, Nigel is down the hall painting something and I am feeling fine, so far, just a slight ache..

Nothing cold to drink was the order so a nice cuppa it is :))


  1. Poor Judy. For what it is worth, you have my sympathy.

    Dentists. Ugh. A necessary evil,

    I do hope the discomfort is over soon.

    Every blessing.

  2. Thanks Ray - I have the same feeling about hairdressers!

  3. Wouldn't know about them Judy. The last time I went to a hairdresser was in l974.
    I cut my own hair (don't ask how, you'd have a fit) and never set foot in such an establishment.

  4. Hope you are better today, and back on more solid foods. Don't go chewing any rock eh! trouble is, when you get past 50 everything goes downhill Haha.:)

  5. Glad you survived the dentist! i really hate that feeling of being numb and having no control over your face at all