Sunday, 22 July 2012

St. Cedd's and the Olympic Torch

A lot of things have happened since my last entry (Wednesday) some of the main events have been :-

Knit and Knatter - here is Catherine and Bowa busy knitting away.. there were 14 ladies who attended and their children!!!

Janine and Holey Moley read the children a story - after the first book there was soon quite a crowd of children engrossed in listening to Holey Moley reading to them..

Friday was also the last day of term and the Year 6 Leavers Assembly was held in the Church - it was so good to see so many parents in attendance and quite an emotional event too as this was the last day of the 1st year of the George Carey Church of England Primary School and also our 1st year 6 pupils to leave :))

But back to today - I strolled along to St. Cedd's church on Lodge Avenue (road next to me) to join in their activities and watch the Olympic Torch go by..

My word what a fabulous morning of entertainment, refreshments and ministry that Ruth and her team put together.  I took this photo of Ruth with the new Vicar for St. Cedd's - Rev. Tony. There was a brass band, dancers, Molly Rainford (semi-finalist from BGT) tea, coffee and The Gideons were presenting everyone with a Bible.  Absolutely fabulous - WELL DONE ST. CEDD's

And, at last, here she is - I must apologize because I do not know who she is!!!  I've tried googling but it just mentions the famous people who will be running with the torch.. but whoever she I am sure she is worthy of carrying the Torch for us down Lodge avenue... Well Done Love :))

There is always time for a cuppa :))

One of the guest performers - Molly Rainford - who was a semi-finalist on BGT

Now I am patiently waiting for Nigel and then we are off to The Town Show in Dagenham where some youngsters from The Salvation Army are performing..


  1. Wow what a week you hve had! Where do you get your energy from, could do with a dose of that.
    Hope you had a good time at the Town show.
    At least the sun is shining today.
    have a lovely weekend take care jenny XX

    1. Jenny - can I just say that I am now heading to my bed for a doze!! as I am exhausted :)) but today has been a good day..

  2. Saw the torch in Romford today and was very fortunate to be standing at change-over point.
    Our council website names all the 40 runners that were carrying the flame through the borough.

    1. oh dear Barbara that was last place I thought of looking!!! shall go immediately and find out :)) thank you

  3. Been catching up with you Judith but every time I click on the link with your comment on mine it takes me into Google Connect. Just figured out that it I then click on your link in Google connect I eventually get your blog. Seems a long way round.