Monday, 23 July 2012

Scout Hut

This morning's Creekmouth Preservation Society's meeting was held in the 1st Barking & Dagenham Scout hut - just look at that blue sky!!!

The purpose of this morning's meeting was to help Amy, Catherine and Tom (Make:Good) to collect stories about Creekmouth Village and to help identify landmarks on the map.  Make:Good have made a large map of Thames Ward and are now collecting stories and memories from various groups/societies and residents of the Ward.  In this picture - Mike, Avril and Maria are helping Amy with the location of the village and some of the landmarks around it..

Amy brought with her an old Adana Printing Press and some of the members of the Creekmouth Preservation Society had fun in printing up stencils for the Thames Ward map.  This is Joyce having a go :))

For me, though, the highlight was to wander around the grounds - look at these beautiful lilies in the pond.

and these delightful tyres, which are going to be used to grow vegetables in :))

I just so love these Everlasting Pea which grows wild everywhere.

I have spent the evening, in between writing application proposal for funding etc, swatting mosquitoes and I am now very tired - so time for a final cuppa and then bed ..zzzzzzz

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  1. I hope you had a well deserved night's sleep. I love to see the flags flying, and the union jack flying so proudly there. One thing I love about the States is that you see the American Flag flying everywhere, and they just look great. I love a bit of patriotism.
    Take care Love jenny XXX