Monday, 30 July 2012

new camera - double click to enlarge photos

Photos taken with my new camera - Green Fingers Gardening Club this evening - Guest Speaker: Geoff Hodge

Richard showing Andrew his holiday photos before club began :)

Trying out the zoom features on Karmen!!  who looked up at me in bewilderment as I hung out of the lounge window (middle floor).

Then to try some close up work - a pansy in the garden.

I do like to remind Nigel, most days, how little I cost him - I don't do clothes shopping, make-up or jewellery BUT I am partial to mobile phones and cameras :))  My new camera cost £109 and is a Samsung WB750 and, most importantly, is handbag size..


  1. Worth every penny Judy. I particularly love the pansy with its little frowning 'face'.
    Flower pictures are really rewarding aren't they?

  2. Thank you Ray - Yes I do love taking photos of flowers and pansies do have a lot of expression :)

  3. I love pansies they have such lovely faces. That pic of karmen is gorgeous, what a model ct she is.
    jane was telling me that you can get on the park if you buy a ticket for some obscure event. She sold a ticket for basketball heats to a little old lady last week who wanted to get on the opark for a look round, but all the entry tickets are sold out. So Jane explained that if she got a ticket for the basketball she would get entry. Result one little old lady thrilled and prepared to cheer anyone on the team Haha. Aaah.

  4. When she's in the mood Jenny! normally just as I'm about to take a photo she turns her head away! lol

    Yes, Nigel and I went up to Stratford Monday afternoon and you can't get anywhere near the park without a ticket - so we thought the same - see if we can a ticket for some obscure sport!