Tuesday, 17 July 2012

lunch time visit

Oh what a difference a day makes - after a four injections yesterday at the dentist whilst having fillings replaced and unable to smile without frightening everyone!!! today I feel great -no pain or discomfort, which was a great relief as I was able to chat and drink tea/coffee with everyone this morning at Coffee and Chat.

The highlight for me today was meeting Olive, Gladys, Harriot, Kate,Ginger and I can't remember what number six was called!! but here I am with Harriot.   Tracy, who is the receptionist for The Rivergate Centre, invited me back to her home for lunch so that I could meet her five week old chickens - I was delighted to accept the offer and had a wonderful half hour in their company..

Tracy and her partner, Darren, have created a wonderful living space and run for them and when I arrived at Tracy's home - her nephew, Craig, was busy cleaning them out :)) how exciting

Well done Tracy, Darren and Craig..

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