Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Chicks and Roses

The nursery at George Carey Primary school have had ten eggs in an incubator - this project has given the children the opportunity to watch chicks being born from their eggs - so I started my morning 'chick gazing' - these delightful chicks were born yesterday and are currently housed in the nursery :))  Oh the little ones (and us bigger ones) all stood around cooing and aaaahhhhing.

Next I was presented these miniature roses from one on the little girls from reception class.. so I proudly wore it as a buttonhole decoration :)) not too sure whose garden they came from!! I know it certainly wasn't hers :)  I smiled inwardly to myself as I remembered yesterday's blog post 'Rose'.

A slightly older chick and her roses :))  Elsie is dear, wonderful lady who I enjoy having a cuppa and chat with and, today, was no exception; however, the first procedure is to clear the armchair of monkey nuts, bird seed and fat balls as she loves to feed the birds in her garden. In fact Elsie's garden is the only garden in Barking where I have watched Jays land and feed from the bird table.

As the sun was shining I took the opportunity to take her photo in her cherished garden next to one of her climbing roses.

I love this meerkat bird table in Elsie's garden

The other reason I popped into to see Elsie was because another resident died yesterday and this resident was a dear friend of Elsie.  So just wanted to make she as OK and 'yes' she was but sad - I always come away feeling that she has ministered to me rather than the other way round.


  1. Hello Judith,
    It's wonderful to see you on here again. You've been missed! Those roses are gorgeous. My little grandson couldn't wait to get to school the other day because his class also had chicks breaking out any day! Children are so delightful! Hope you're having a beautiful day.


    1. Hi Sandi - It has been a marvelous experience for the children - chats that I have been able to have with some of the mums echo your comments in that their offspring have rushed to get to nursery and the 'chicks' have been the only topic of conversation.. :)

  2. Hi again Judy

    Lovely post and pictures, especially the chicks.

    About the dual aspect of Ministry. Don't you think that when it's at its best it should be a two-way thing, so that both the comforter and the comforted each benefit from the encounter?

    1. Hi Ray - yes you are indeed right; however, I suppose natural instints kick in and as the 'minister' I suppose I feel I'm there to offer the comfort and still need to learn (even after 28yrs) that it is indeed a two way process :)) thank you for the reminder.. Judyx