Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Maldon, Essex

Today we made our way to Maldon, which is a about 3/4hr drive from the caravan down long winding country roads - in fact you feel as though you're driving to the end of the earth :))

The weather was fabulous, the sky was blue (mostly) and I was surprised as to how many people had the same idea as us to visit Maldon!!  Thankfully, we found parking (the last space in the car park) before the coaches arrived and the multitude of pensioners who swarmed the coffee/tea/ice-cream/ shops and every available bench and seat.  Bless them all - so pleased that they had such wonderful weather for their trip.

My aim was to visit the church, which is St. Mary's Church and so, once we had had a stroll up and down the Maldon Promenade and ate our packed lunched on the green, I left Nigel to relax in his deckchair and I went for a wander..

Unfortunately, for me, the church had an event on so I couldn't go inside but that's good news for the church - good to see people using it :))  However, I would have liked to have gone in and lit a candle for so many people, that I know this month, who are mourning the loss of loved ones and also to lite a candle for my friend, Sharon, who will be ordained on the 1st July as a Church of England minister. So, instead, I wander around the grounds and thought of them all - I do love strolling church grave yards and cemeteries.

On the way back to meet Nigel, before our parking time ran out, I came across a maze with this stone erected in the middle of it - apparently it is called The Singing Stone!  Sorry I didn't have time to read the explanation as to why it was called the The Singing Stone - next time.  But as I turned around I thought this was a brilliant photo opportunity.

Nigel is watching the James Bond film on TV so I shall now go and sit in the bedroom with a cuppa and my book :))


  1. What a great place! Just the kind of place I love to visit. Maybe some day...

    1. It was indeed a lovely day out and a great place to visit.. take care, Judyx