Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Home Alone

Nigel's at Rotary, Karl's out on a date and Karmen's out wandering around the school playing field behind our house - so that leaves me Home Alone *YAY*

It has been another day where, once again, I have had so many enjoyable, interesting and challening conversations with various people - that to come home to empty house is relaxing and allows me to unwind and mull over the day.  I appreciate evenings, such as this, where I have the house to myself with no one to cook for and I can wander around in my own world talking to myself; however, I was reminded this afternoon that I can feel this way because I know that, eventually, Nigel, Karl and Karmen will be coming home.  

This afternoon I visited Gwen and Bonnie and, in case you are wondering, it is a green tennis ball that Bonnie has in her mouth. Gwen is such a delightful lady - she is a Barking girl and has lived, in her current house, since 1975 before that in a flat on Thames View.  This afternoon I sat and looked at Gwen's wedding photos (I love going through people's photo albums) trying to recognize locations and smiling at the various outfits!!.

Gwen married at the age of 45 and was a widow by the time she reached 50 (my age) so she has no children of her own but two delightful nieces.  Gwen's main company, these days, is her dog, Bonnie, who is a most lively little thing but I becamed conscious, as we chatted, that I was probably the first person she had spoken to today or even in the last couple of days and I wondered how many other elderly people in Barking and Dagenham, who can't get out of there homes as easily as they once did - also find themselves in the same situation.  Maybe we should all adopt a granny or grandad.

I have to point out here that Gwen was not complaining in anyway but after all the interaction I haved had today with the children at school,  plus the conversations in the Rivergate Community Foyer, with the mums attending the parenting course and with staff and teachers - maybe I was more conscious of her situation.

I can enjoy being 'Home Alone' this evening because those I love dearly will be coming back home at some point and, in return, they know that a cup of tea will be waiting for them as soon as they step through the front door :)

Now let me introduce...

Janine, my co-partner in crime, with her puppet 'Holy Moley' - Holy Moley had a lot of conversations too, today, with the children in the nursery and the children of the mums attending the parenting course. The little ones loved Holy Moley's visit and what was more amusing is to see adults talking to a hand puppet!!!

Now for a cuppa and a read...


  1. So sorry to hear about Prince. Our little Rusty went missing some years ago now for a whole month and that was terrible, but we put leaflets up everywhere and eventually a kind man on the posh side of the village saw her and contacted us. It's a long time since January though isn't it.
    Lovely happy picture of janine and Holy Moley I bet the kids enjoy that.
    Enjoy your peace and quiet.
    Love Jenny XXX
    By the way, have you read "The Knitting Circle" by Ann Hood. It's a lovely read I think you would really enjoy it.

  2. Yes - he is chipped so I am hoping that someone might take him to a vet etc and then, hopefully, they will scan him and contact me!

    I think I've got 'The Knitting Circle' on my Kindle - will check - quite apt really as we've got a 'Knit and Knatter' session on the 13th July during Coffee and Chat :)

    I, personally, am not a puppet person but it is amazing how the children respond and talk to Holy Moley (and not just the children!!)