Monday, 18 June 2012


We are fortunate to own a caravan , which is located only just over an hours drive from home.  The site and caravan were purposely chosen so that we could reach it easily on a day-off and it is also situated near my parents. We have had the caravan for a year now and this is our first full week's holiday in it!! although Nigel, more than me, does try to come down most Sunday evenings returning home Monday afternoon.  We have had other weeks booked in it but for varying reasons those holidays have had to be cancelled - so I am going to enjoy my first week here.

We started our holiday with a visit from my parents and my youngest brother and his family plus their new puppy called Frankie.  The photo is of my niece and Frankie.

The visit was to celebrate Nigel's birthday, which was yesterday :))  We did eventually manage to get him to smile whilst his firework candle blazed away :)) ha ha  Once everyone had left - us two oldies then went for a walk around the caravan site and were tucked up and a sleep by 10pm.

Today we went into Clacton - did a bit of shopping had lunch at the carvery and then went for a walk along the beach.  It was whilst having lunch that I received a text from a lady I know to say that her son had died and she was inviting me to a 'celebration' of his life and burial service.  Malachi was nine years old and had spent the last six months of his short life in Great Ormond Street Hospital with Leukaemia.  I was grateful for a quiet walk along an empty beach.

Whilst Nigel had a snoozed after mowing the lawn around our caravan, our next door neighbours and the lady's caravan across the way to us - followed by a cycle around the park and lake - I sat in my favourite chair and read my book -  'Listening for the soul' by Jean Stairs

Actually, I think his plan is to sleep for a couple of hours now in the hope that I will be in bed and reading by 10pm so that he can stay up and start watching the DVD set that my brother bought him for his birthday :)) 

Time now for a cuppa using the delightful mugs that we purchased in one of the charity shops this morning and then for a walk around the park and then the lake, where the posh caravans/people are!! I took this photo a few weeks ago..


  1. So pleased your getting a break but also so sorry to hear about Malachi- how very very sad

    1. Thank you Charles - Malachi's mum sent me a text saying "he will be sadly missed but I know God has a bigger plan for him" Judyx