Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain

It started to rain during the night and came down quite heavily - the noise on the roof of the caravan was actually quite soothing and sounded like nursery children playing with home made drums of yogurt pots and rice :))

I rescued my solitary freesia growing outside which had been battered by the rain and it's new home is now on the mantelpiece.

We decided to visit Colchester shopping centre when the rain had finally died down and, I have to admit, I found the experience rather an anti-climax especially after such a brilliant day at Beth Chatto Gardens and then Maldon. I am not a 'shopper' when the sun is out so why I thought I would enjoy the experience when the weather was so miserable? is beyond me!! We decided to come home and enjoy a cuppa in the warmth of the caravan.

Whilst enjoying our cuppa we listened to the truly inspirational speech given to both houses of Parliament by Aung San Suu Kyi - what an incredible lady. Her experiences during her life-time puts me to shame for whinging about the weather and Colchester Shopping centre.

The only purchase we made was bucket for £2.99 :) because Nigel has been desperate to clean the caravan and, whilst it was raining, this he did.  Now the photo is at an angle because I was leaning out of the bedroom window to catch him in action..

Colchester does have its good points - one of them being that my parents live there so, after we had our evening meal, we popped in for a cuppa and a chat.

We are now back at the caravan and it is extremely windy outside - so windy that the caravan does occasionally rock from side to side - so I am hoping that we are still here in one piece in the morning and not, like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, find ourselves blown into orbit!! or another land completely :)) ha-ha.


  1. Lovely freesia Judy. My all-time favourite (though it has traumatic memories for me), The perfume is absolutely gorgeous isn't it?
    I do so agree with you about wonderful Aung San Suu Kyi, so very brave and so beautiful.
    Try not to get blown away, we'd miss you now that you are back in blog land.

    1. Hi Ray - I am sorry that the freesia has traumatic memories for you as it was my wedding bouquet flower. I had white freesias on a bible and my sister-in-law (also my bridesmaid) had yellow freesias.

      I could have listened to Aung San Suu Kyi all afternoon :))

      I keep looking outside to make sure that we have been blown into OZ and, so far, we are still in Oaklands Holiday Park!! lol

    2. oh dear there should be 'NOT' between have and been!!

  2. Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! (or in your case, Colchester!) What a good time to clean the caravan. Makes sense to me. Like your parents' dog. :-)

    1. Well I did do a few checks through the night and we are still here in Oaklands Park :))) lol Lady is my Dad's dog and she is now nine years old and my dad brought her home from a dog rescue centre. Lady is a lovely delightful dog and adores my father, normally she is sitting on his feet but Dad had the recliner out so she couldn't.. Take care xx

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