Sunday, 24 June 2012

In a state of shock

for three reasons...

Firstly, yesterday evening Karmen came and jumped onto my lap, curled up and went to sleep :)  She has never done that before - even as a kitten she was not a 'lap' cat and preferred to sleep in her box with her cuddly toys.  Karl, my son, walked past the lounge and came back for a double-take because he couldn't believe his eyes.  I am not sure what prompted her to do that but I am not complaining..

Secondly, my birthday plants are still alive and going strong!!  I am not 'good' with plants as I tend to forget to water them, put in the wrong places etc etc and within a few days they are either dead or looking extremely sorry for themselves.

My heart sank when my father-in-law presented me with the Orchid as my first thought was 'Oh my word how am I going to keep this alive?' But it's nearly nine weeks since my 50th birthday and it is still flowering beautifully :))

The other plant the girls in the school office presented me with - it is a Bromelia Brigada - now the instructions which came with the plant were not in English so I had to phone my mother who informed me that I needed to water the plant from the tip of flower and the water will cascade down through the leaves.  This I have done and it is fascinating to watch.  My mother also informed me that the flower lasts about six weeks - well, well, well, nine weeks later and it still in flower!! So whose a clever girl?  The cupcake stake is there to hold the flower up.

Thirdly, at last a visitor to the bird-table which Nigel made about four months ago.  I had given up all hope of any bird using the table and eating the delights I places upon it and, due to the rain, the table itself started to fall to pieces.  Then the miracle happened yesterday - Nigel placed his unfinished bacon sarnie on it and low and behold our first visitor arrived!!  this morning he was there again (the pigeon not Nigel) so I rushed out and put bird seed on it and as you can see he had a feast.  The photo has been cropped and enlarged about four times!!

(I took this photo outside The Tower Hotel, London a few weeks ago)

I can laugh about being in a state of shock regarding Karmen, my plants and the pigeon but I am acutely aware that there are many people in our world today 'in a state of shock' for a variety of reasons. 

This morning I visited a lady who had been informed that her leukaemia had returned and given a life expectancy of 3-6 months.  It was a pleasure to share a short service with her within her home, just the two of us, and to read the Bible, listen to music and share a time of prayer. I thank the Lord, too, for the many wonderful friends/neighbours she has who are so supportive and caring - just at a time when she needs it.

(Covent Gardens - took this photo about two weeks ago)

Karl went out to join his friends at a pub in Whitechapel, London to watch the football  - Nigel is in the lounge watching it and I'm here there and anywhere where the footie is not being shown!! So I think my next job is to get the bird seed ready for Archie (the pigeon) for tomorrow...

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