Friday, 22 June 2012

Here endth

Another holiday :)) and, despite the weather, it has been a great few days of relaxation..

Woke this morning, thankful, that the caravan had remained secured in its location and that we hadn't been transported to another world during the gale last night :))  Nigel drove back to Colchester and had the screen on his iPhone repaired and was extremely pleased that it only cost him £40 - compared to the £120 - he had been quoted from other companies.  When he returned we made our way back to the Carvery for lunch, this time the outlook outside was entirely different with the waves crashing against the seawall and beach.  We decided, during lunch, that we would return home this afternoon rather than later this evening as orginally planned.

This winding country lane is my favourite part of the journey home and to the caravan - I love the way the trees bend over the road forming a tunnel. The yellow reflection is the freesia I saved yesterday from the battering it was receiving from the wind and rain.

So I am now home :))  I do so love going away and visiting other places and meeting new people BUT, equally, these days I enjoying coming home more :))  Karmen was pleased to see me and has followed me everywhere - Karl disappeared off to the gym and I soon fell into my old routine of cooking his dinner for him so that it will be ready for when he returns (as he's working this evening) and the first load of washing is in the machine.  Time to blog, catch up on the post and emails and then relax for the rest of the evening.

If you have read this post then I would be grateful if you could pray for Yvonne, Kenny and Isaiah - it doesn't matter that you do not know them personally. Yvonne and Kenny's eldest son (age 9) died at the beginning of the month and she has kindly invited me to the Celebration of Malachi's life and then burial service on the 28th June.  This morning Yvonne wrote these words on her facebook..

I wish that I could hold you now
I wish that I could touch you now
I wish that I could talk to you
Be with you somehow

I know you're in a better place
Even though I can't see your face
I know you're smiling down on me
Saying every thing's okay

Remember them in your prayers - thank you.


  1. It broke my heart to think of losing a nine year old, or any child, for that matter. How difficult for those dear people. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    All good vacations must come to an end, and I too am glad you didn't get swept up to worlds beyond. :-)

    1. Thank you Judy and Charles

      The one big advantage of staying in one parish for so long is that you get too be a part of so many people's lives. I have known Yvonne for about four years, although I don't see her regularly more via texting and meeting up at events and I do know the children, so it is a great priviledge to be invited to share in such painful and personal moments.

      Thank you for your prayer support - Judyx

  2. Agreed I was in my previous church for 21 years and this one for 8 so far and there really is a value in being around the same area and people for a long time

    1. 21 years WOW - the other side of coin is that when we do eventually move I dread having to start again... but maybe when that time arrives it will feel 'right' and it won't be such an issue :)) Judyx